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Arms of S&C Trucking provides high-quality distribution services through two distinct avenues. We currently offer efficient trash removal services, with the ability to contract with the city and local businesses to ensure that unwanted debris and materials are properly disposed of. By incorporating waste management into our organization, we have increased our client base and allowed team members to gain experience in a variety of distribution environments. In addition to waste management, we also contribute to other vital aspects of city operations through our utility services. Our road construction and paving services specialize in the development of roads, highways, interchanges, and associated utilities.
LTL or Partial Truckload Transport
LTL stands for Less than Truckload shipping. It is a service that allows one to have their goods loaded on a portion of the truck and only pay for their goods’ space. As such, the truck carries goods for several individuals, with each paying for the occupied space. It is an economical way to ship a few goods, although it does not allow you any control of timing and shipping routes.
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FTL or Full Truckload Transport
It applies when you have a shipment that fills the freight trailer or in a case where one requires a truck dedicated to their goods only. It allows you more control of timing and shipping routes compared to the partial truckload service.
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Boat Shippiing


Truck Shippiing

Asphalt paving

Plain Shippiing

Concrete paving

Boat Shippiing

New road construction & grading

Truck Shippiing

Road rehabilitation

Plain Shippiing

Marking & striping.


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On the open road, where the engine roars and the wheels spin, lies a world of endless possibilities. A truck is more than just a vehicle; it's a symbol of freedom, strength, and adventure. With every mile traveled, embrace the power of the road and let it awaken the explorer within you.


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Company History


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2021The Founding Years
Arms S&C Trucking: Founded in the early 2021s by Shelly Grant, our company began with a single truck and a mission to provide reliable transportation services. Known for our exceptional customer service and attention to detail, we've grown into a trusted name in the industry.
2022sExpanding Services and Fleet
Arms S&C Trucking expanded in the early 2022s to meet growing demand. They added regional and long-haul transportation services, increasing their fleet and hiring experienced drivers dedicated to excellence.
2023sFocus on Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction
Arms S&C Trucking: In the 2023s, a focus on efficiency and customer satisfaction led to the implementation of lean management principles. This optimized operations, reduced waste, and delivered increased value to customers.
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Present Day
A Leading Transportation Provider
Today, Arms S&C Trucking stands as a leading transportation and logistics company, trusted by a wide range of clients across various industries. With a modern fleet of well-maintained trucks, a team of highly skilled professionals, and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, they continue to deliver superior services.

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